Friday, October 14, 2011

Season of falling leaves and golden sun

It is amazingly beautiful to watch leaves turning from green to light green, yellow, orange, red, brown, ... falling off... it looks more beautiful with the evening sun. It looks almost fragile in its beauty ... for a different light a different stroke of color and the beauty will be gone.
There is a sense of it being very transient, which adds a poignant feel to it... it almost made me tearful.

In India the season of falling leaves used to have a completely different existential feel to it. It had a celebratory feeling, a sense of destruction before new creation, a kind of eternity. As another friend agreed that it used to be associated with a crisp cold windy beginning to winters. And for some trees it used to be associated with the time just after Holi, around Spring time. (as far as my childhood memory goes, it used to happen around April- the exam season).

I'm glad I had someone to reach out to ... who reminded me how 'Dawn' (Usha) in ancient Vedic literature was associated with eternity, where every morning is a complete fresh start, all new! I wish we all are able to do that... start afresh every morning.

I surely need a fresh dawn like this, a different world with a different paradigm, where the system encourages joy, goodness, truth, beauty, creativity, perfection, thinking in newer ways... where its not all about a culture of mindlessness and money. Where people are nice, sweet, good, respectful, honor self and others, just because it is their natural self and they are just being themselves... not because they see it a way to mask their manipulation of others.
Instead of a culture of shallow skill-based interactions, there is a world of consciousness based connections. It will also bring back that concrete trust that, all is well... :)

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