Sunday, November 27, 2011

Painting my poetries...

I have been in a little creative mood... so here it goes ...
Some old poems and some relatively new photographs clicked while I visited some places.

The first one is my favorite poem, written with a deep sincere call to Divine.
I still won't mind a little conversation with Her/him/It. Nothing beats it, ever! Honestly, all my plans/attempts to simplify my life in the bare minimalistic way & de-clutter it, is actually in the service of this one goal.
(Pic taken in Hollywood, Florida. Will someone tell me what is that glow in the cloud- is it a response to my call :)

This is another of my very spontaneous poems.
Most of my poetries are simply coming down of a pre-formed poetry from somewhere else. I only tinker with it later. If I try to fit any of the mainstream theories of intuition, problem solving etc. to this process, it will be dishonest. There is something more to the mystery of creating a poetry, just like making babies :)
(Pic taken in Miami, Florida. There is a fun in going about exploring a new place all alone. Although sometimes there is no other choice :)

This one is some forest near St. louis. I was randomly going about the city on Thanksgiving day, in the hope of seeing some festival crowd (like in India) so that I can share vicarious joy. But alas rarely any human body on the streets. Thankfully a friend suddenly offered to drive to a nearby bird sanctuary and we got some lovely colors of setting sun (though we found the place closed).
Though I never thought I will do so, I have fallen in love with US and the people here, I will truly miss the place :)

Here is a morning in hollywood, Florida. I was following this bird in her flight, when suddenly this unknown lady entered the picture (I have many other pics of this bird to prove it :). Picture seemed perfect, especially for this poem. Though I had to debate for long if I should post it. Well.. I guess this lady won't have an issues with it. (If someone thinks its objectionable, I will respectfully remove it).

If it is hard to read, the original poems are here, here, here & here (though I have done a little bit of editing).

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