Monday, December 19, 2011

B 2 B 2 B

Went to Big Sur yesterday. An area I wanted to visit for long due to Human-Potential Movement. Although Esalen, which was the center of it all seems to have become a money-generating business nowadays (somehow I never got sold on this idea of minting money from whatever is best in human life). Any way, it was nice... the location is awesome, the nature is bountiful, there is little reason to complain.

Next destination is Boston to visit a friend. Suddenly wondering, if it was a good idea in the first place. Something old and buried came haunting back :( Though my friend is a wonderful woman and her family is amazing ... She just told me her hubby baked a Tiramisu cake for my visit :) Some party time with them for Jewish new year ! (Update: That was the most delicious cake I have ever had :)

A little bit of X-mas and a little more of NYC , then I'm in Bangalore. The last day of the year.
A city where I stayed for 6 years... now it feels hard to stay even for 24 hrs. Though it would get tiring, I take a bus to Pondy. A new year, a new phase of life deserves a more blessed space. During this transition, probably I can bury something old after saying last good-byes, and make every effort to burn all the bridges - to nowhere.

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