Thursday, December 1, 2011

Back to India :)

Yesterday was my last day in the fellowship!
It was a wonderful year of learning, and bonding with an amazing lab!

However, now there is a sense of freedom. Time to consciously avoid getting into something too soon ...and take a break, be free and un-cluttered.

Hmm ... now what!

A little travel and then India.
I would have loved to avoid B'glore ... However now when I can't help it, let me make some lemonades ;) I can do things there I have thought about for long. A 10-days silent meditation retreat, a workshop on story-telling and a little bit of visit to museums and national parks. That should make the difference. Then a little bit of time at home and the real stuff should start ...
My subjective world needs a fresh lease of life with solid time in nature and doing creative stuff!
Even Psychology needs to be a little more creative and culturally sensible :)
Well... lets see!

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