Friday, December 2, 2011

world views and poetries ...

I sometimes wonder whether the kind of world-view which exists in sufi poetries exists elsewhere. I have not found it often, guess it is influenced by what is valued/celebrated in a particular culture... self offering and devotion... These poetries have a kind of poetically intense love language and meaning, which only befits divine as the beloved.
This a beautiful poetry I re-discovered after 4-5 yr. (What happened to me in between?). Here is an attempt to convey its meaning...

If your heart desires so, be the glass or the chalice,
Better to become the wine, the tavern.

Being wine or tavern, be a story of intoxication
Becoming a story of intoxication, be forgetful of ur identity.

Be forgetful of your existence, become a story of intoxication,
But better than this being and becoming, become a 'madman'.

Even better than becoming a madman, 'be' a madman,
But even better than being a madman, become the dust of the beloved's door.

What is this dust but the kohl in the eyes of 'people of heart'
Be the coolness in the heart of flame, the light in the heart of moth.

Learn from the heart (of the poet) how to burn,
why to burn at every flame,
Become that moth who burns in one's own inner fire.

ji chahe to sheesha ban ja, jee chahe paimana ban ja

sheesha paimana kya banna, may ban ja maikhana ban ja
may ban kar, maykhana ban kar, masti ka afsana ban ja
masti ka afsana ban kar, hasti se begana ban ja
hasti se begana hona, masti ka afsana banna
is hone se, is banne se, achha hai dewana ban ja
deewana ban jane se bhi, deewana hona achha hai
deewana hone se achha, khake dare janana ban ja
kahk-e dare janana kya hai ahle dil ki aank ka surma,
shamma ke dil ki thandak ban ja noore dile parwana ban ja
seekh zahin ke dil se jalna, kahe ko har shamma pe jalna
apni aagmein khud jal jaye tu aisa parwana ban ja.
(-Baba Zaheen Shah)

Sung by Abida Parveen in Raqs-e-Bismil (apparently it means the dance of the wounded).

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