Friday, June 15, 2012

Rumi here...

Birdsong, wind,
the water's face.

Each flower, remembering the smell:
I know you're close by.

(In both the Divine and the human context, there is a nostalgic feel to things nowadays... am I lost or am I finding myself ?)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

An economy based on care, craft & culture!

Just came across the concept of De-Growth and then this article in NY times 

How often I have also reached the same conclusion, and so has every thinking person I have ever met! Just a quote from this article about how human care cannot be turned into a factory-outlet kind of commodity, fit for mass consumption...

"The care and concern of one human being for another is a peculiar “commodity.” It can’t be stockpiled. It becomes degraded through trade. It isn’t delivered by machines. Its quality rests entirely on the attention paid by one person to another. Even to speak of reducing the time involved is to misunderstand its value".

A little more about De-growth you may find here, herehere, with an academic article and degrowthpedia :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

After the break!

Its been long since I opened these pages and suddenly I want to write more. Its like re-connecting to a long lost diary...
Hmm.. where to start... ok a little bit of update. My return to India was a little bumpy, got in and out of some exciting projects in air (thinking of Delhi, Hariwar-Rishikesh-Dehradun), because some didn't offer enough freedom, some not enough intellectual stimulation. Although, when I almost fell for a bad idea (like starting something new) grace working in myriad ways, stopped me in the tracks.

Got sick enough to stay at home for months without a trace of guilt and get pampered by my parents (fulfilling their long time wish of having me back to the womb) till I got totally bored, travelled to Haridwar-Rishikesh for almost a month ending with a visit to far-but-near Lord Badrinath. All the way meeting old friends, making new ones, and barely managing to protect myself from the temptation of falling in love, again. I managed it all well. Just kidding ;)

One major point of this break was exploring the kind of work happening in Uttarakhand in Indian Psychology and consciousness studies. Woman! wasn't I disappointed! ... those who do good work are low in resources, and those with huge resources piled up at their disposal spend it on buildings, while treating human resources shabbily. No good people, no good work!
Another big disappointment was Aurovalley, a lovely place, with far too many underlying currents of ego-play.

And now it is the turn of down south Pondicherry.
I especially wonder now, where are such self-reflective people in the outside world- the kind I meet in these IPI courses. Someone's energy really brings out, and brings near, 'the best'!
Kudos to the organizers of these workshops/summer school.

The next stop will be Bangalore again!
Well, some cities grow on u ... I missed the sense of optimism Bangalore generates in people of my species. Any one who thrives on optimism will get dysthymic in those harsh locations, where it feels nothing evolves, even though millennia passes.
So after the Bangalore effect had totally waned from my psyche, I decided to return, with a little difference, this time a Yoga University. Although I'm picking up the threads of old research, I'm also hoping to bring something new to it.
The realization dawns upon me slowly, gradually ... re-turn and re-construction of life takes much more than just a pleasant dream :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Crossing the Bridge

Many seasons past,
Watching one evening sun
Setting in river Charles,
A face smiled in my memories.

Few privileged moments, of love,
Lot more of accumulated losses,
I accept, makes an average life.
But still my total belief in
Honorable good-byes,
Required much practice of
letting go.

They tell me, its a journey,
Keep walking.
On the path, the pilgrim finds
What she has been seeking
All her life.

And so found I, the love within,
A joy unhindered and universal.
It included others, including you,
And yet is not dependent on,
What others choose to do.
In the end I learned,
It was between me & the Universe,
It was never about you.


(This poem is an old one posted today, about a bridge which supposedly bridges hell & heaven :)
Unfortunately that 'openness' stayed for a few months before vanishing, while I was in the midst of a long transition and vacation :(
Although the essence of that experience stays with me even now.