Monday, June 11, 2012

Crossing the Bridge

Many seasons past,
Watching one evening sun
Setting in river Charles,
A face smiled in my memories.

Few privileged moments, of love,
Lot more of accumulated losses,
I accept, makes an average life.
But still my total belief in
Honorable good-byes,
Required much practice of
letting go.

They tell me, its a journey,
Keep walking.
On the path, the pilgrim finds
What she has been seeking
All her life.

And so found I, the love within,
A joy unhindered and universal.
It included others, including you,
And yet is not dependent on,
What others choose to do.
In the end I learned,
It was between me & the Universe,
It was never about you.


(This poem is an old one posted today, about a bridge which supposedly bridges hell & heaven :)
Unfortunately that 'openness' stayed for a few months before vanishing, while I was in the midst of a long transition and vacation :(
Although the essence of that experience stays with me even now.

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