Sunday, July 22, 2012

Psychotherapist again!

After such a long break from psychotherapy and counseling, today I saw my first case, and guess what, it was of job stress. I was wondering if I even remember anything of my old tools or even skills.

The guy was obviously in a high stress job. Leading to high levels of hypertension. I wondered for a moment, where is an option to do something about it, when his actual job context is notoriously famous for being high pressure and under staffed.

Inspite of a little bit of language difficulty initially, the picture started getting clearer. This was also a case of inner pressure to perform, learning to meet the conditions attached with love, approval & respect, along with a kind of addiction to the adrenaline rush during the moments of tension. In comparison, the time with wife, kids and family seemed pretty boring. Hmm... Sounds so very familiar! :)
Well, for some people the insight itself is therapeutic, especially when body starts demanding a change. I look forward to the next session.

Meanwhile I sit re-reading one of my favorite books, 'Women who run with the wolves'. Even I need time to de-stress :) 

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