Sunday, August 12, 2012

Saving Grace

My spiritual learning has taught me that it takes colossal amount of goodwill in the world and even beyond, for things to go right (courtesy, The Mother, as well as my mentor :). You may attribute it to a grace which saves!
But often we notice things only when they go wrong. How sad... how much time we all spend in counting our misery... Collectively it is a huge waste of wo/man power resource-time :)

I am also guilty of this error. And during one such recent crisis period in my life my mentor tried to console me by saying I am protected by a powerful guardian angel (although I don't know if there are Angels, and if there are some weak Angels amongst them ;). Well, I was unsure... although I have met humans who have come close to that idea, sometimes.

Today I got some update about a situation, more than a decade old, where I was traumatically saved in a way I never understood fully, because it was just out of my control. Suddenly feeling enlightened about this situation makes me feel so much of gratitude for Divine/ for the Universe.
Gives me hope that there is so much of meaning behind many other seemingly chaotic or lousy situations, even the recent ones :)

This chaotic chain of events was truly the start of transformation that is 'me'. Although, earlier in spite of me having those fanciful ideas, my inner growth process would be very event-dependent :). Only after a decade-long, situation-dependent growth, I stopped conscious & indignant resistance to it majority of the times, and started a little bit of active-cooperation towards that growth :)

Finally and for the first time, I would like to say thank you to my Guardian Angel, who ever you are, wherever, in whichever form, thanks for your protection, which sometimes plays out as practical jokes upon me ... but guess that's part of a good friendship or big-brotherliness :)
I dedicate this amazing 3-D video of our universe to you. Of course you don't need it, still 

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