Friday, October 19, 2012

Cloud Atlas & Psychology of reincarnation

Recently read the review of Cloud Atlas ...
OOO... loved reading about it... waiting to watch it :)

A lot of religions believe in re-incarnation (Hindus & Buddhist for sure).
Some scientific research too has been done so far. In Indian sub-continent the collaborator of an international project was one of my ex-professor (her work was actually on spontaneous memories of past life and factual information in those memories). She has written few books including 2 volumes of 'Can the Mind Survive Beyond Death? In Pursuit of Scientific Evidence'

Although research in this field are hardly enough to prove anything... 
But then some of the most valuable or beautiful aspects of our humanity are hard to measure and prove. (Disclosure: I do believe in multiple births as per my religious & cultural background).

To lot many people it certainly gives a way of meaning-making about random events of this world... a sense of larger / cosmic fairness & justice.

Often these cultures have an inherent sense of evolution, where souls go through a journey where in each life they learn something and thus grow in their spirit. If it went badly, no problem, you come another time.

Some even hypothesize that probably followers of such belief systems have lesser anxiety about death / hell / heaven, without forgoing the other benefits of religion / spirituality by turning into complete atheist.

As far as I have read, the movie revolves around such themes, of 3 souls evolving through 6 births. (Oh reminds me of so many discussions we have had as well as some weird synchronicities without a closure ... probably postponed for some other birth ;)

Anyway, the movie sounds too good... I wait to watch :)


  1. But, law of Karma- what goes around, comes around remains valid. We see that the closure doesn't necessarily takes place in this world (or it does broadly?). In that case, the after life, recincarnation becomes justified and logical to make the equation of deeds and the results even. What says you mam?

  2. Interesting... don't you think there can be many layers to this idea itself...
    Perspective 1: Yes we reap what we sow, karma does catch up & things do have a closure. If not now, better next birth.

    Perspective 2: Let us come together to look at what happened, how each one of us contributed to the mess, and own it and Close it.

    Perspective 3: Closure is all in the mind. Nobody has control over how we feel, but we ourselves.

    Perspective 4: Oh yes, closure is spelled as 'gratitude', for all the life-lesson, growth and 'peace' with the universe.

    Perspective 5: What closure! We are forever connected, as knots in 'Indra's web'.

    Perspective 6: closure with whom ? ... we are all One.