Monday, October 15, 2012

Personal growth circle

Yesterday night eleven of us, me & my students, sat together in a circle... with a plan to have an ice-breaking moment from where we were supposed to proceed ---> to the agenda of self-growth :)

Well, that was the plan, if God-forbid, things go too smoothly... as planned.
I really didn't want it that way! If it goes like that, then something is seriously wrong ;)

I had asked everyone to bring a piece of their favorite poetry, or a quote which they love, find inspirational.
The first few moments were clumsy, with students of heavy spirituality courses, talking as if giving a presentation. Thankfully it started getting better.
One of the students shared some thing deeply personal, without realizing what he has brought to the group. It was about his childhood losses (of both parents) and how life has not let him down (by sustaining him, people giving him food...) (amazing simplicity of his being). Although he thought he did so by walking out of an ashram, (scared of old-age loneliness) where he initially had joined as a monk. Overall, for me it was so inspiring, expanding of my own perspective ... Till now he was just one of my students, now I see him in a different light.
It brought out some other student's pain too and I ended up in my therapy room till 9.30pm. Well, life happens!

Some of my students have been coming to me individually to discuss their lives, share their experiences/ confusions, take some guidance ... and one of the most common issue they struggle with is that of 'loss'. Single or multiple, serial or parallel...

But the language of spirituality, especially 'jnana yoga' dismisses, minimizes or even refuses to acknowledge pain in its full 'subjective' dimension. It is true pain can pass like a cloud across blue sky, when one is in an expanded consciousness or is well, Enlightened ... but it doesn't help someone struggling with it :(

If pain is there then obviously one is not feeling enlightened in that moment, period. It will be an act of charity towards oneself, if we just accept it. Otherwise it often leads to denial, conflict & self-hatred.

I am planning to focus the next session on this issue. Of course, if God forbid, things go as per my mind's agenda :)

Although I might get some or other chance to bring up this topic, since instead of earlier planned once a week session, now the frequency of these meetings will be on every alternate day, on popular demand!

Looking forward to it... probably finally I should start a separate blog for applied Indian Psychology, no? ;)

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