Thursday, October 18, 2012

This fragile human life

Yesterday, a student from one of the course and later her husband, committed suicide. The news shook everyone in the campus. Classmates, patients, staff, everyone had same question in their mind, why?
They seemed a happy couple... they apparently posted their photos on Facebook that night.

My only interaction with the lady, a medical student, happened few days before the incident, when she came to discuss emotional problems of her cousin who has borderline intelligence and was around for participating in some yoga retreat.
How I wish now that I had some fore-knowledge about her emotional issues... probably I could have provided some 'space' to talk... or probably nothing could have been done... we die when we are meant to ...
Still everyone can try to help another ...

During such times we suddenly wonder, how fragile is this human life and how short our stay here. I wish we would be a little more nice, a little more kind & sensitive toward each other...

May they rest in peace.

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