Thursday, November 8, 2012

Indian & American Psychology

In last few years many studies have thrown light on the fact that there is an extremely narrow sample selected for researches conducted in the field of Psychology.
Arnett (2008) found that in top journals of 6 sub-specialties of Psychology, 96% of the sample was from a western country, which constitutes only 12% of the world population, (So rest of 88% of us have only 4% articles representing them). Hmm... 
Interestingly, 68% of sample is American and majority of it comprises of university students, the easy catch. So usually its not only based on WEIRD sample... I mean Western, Educated, Industrialized (some say individualistic), Rich & Democratic! (Henrich, Heine & Norenzayan, 2011), but probably they are YAVIS too - Young, Attractive, Verbal, Intelligent & Successful (Schofield, 1984). And then this 'Psychology' is exported around the world (Ref. 'Crazy like us: Globalization of American Psyche').

Now as I teach Modern/ Western/ American Psychology along with Counseling Skills on one hand and Patanjali Yoga Sutras on the other, very slowly the two world-views, their meeting points and points of divergence are coming together in my mind. 
They are still at a very subtle abstract level, so I am not very willing to put it into words here... still just wanna say, gradually I'm getting a better perspective about the whole thing.

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