Thursday, November 1, 2012

Karma, meaning in life & Calvin... an odd combination, huh!

Watched Cloud Atlas yesterday... enjoyed the 6 intermingling stories.
Although I had made sure to carry along enough hankies/ tissues, but unfortunately my expectations were over hyped due to such a moving trailer. I never reached the point of shedding tears ;)

Although one gory image was too hard to swallow... the human clones being recycled for consumption for their protein value. It needs real evil imagination to come up with something like that ;) Well, fits the story!

The movie overall didn't have enough time to build something very deep and touching. Although it was very expansive in its scope and execution. Still it unfolded like a mystery, a thriller and I wouldn't mind another view, later.

The theme revolves around karma... how our choices, our actions, echos through many lifetimes, through eternity. How as we learn our lessons, we avoid making same mistakes again & get better. Guess, in each lifetime the meaning, the inherent purpose, is to evolve as a human being, or as soul.

Still, Calvin puts it across better ;)

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