Sunday, December 3, 2017

A few quotes from Life of Pi!

Life of Pi
          This is one of my favourite movies... I prefer it above the original novel, since the book in places gets boring describing the details of survival at the sea. I came across some lovely quotes with beautiful background from the movie, on pin interest & google images...

For many years this quote seemed so personal ... though now it doesn't seem to be so, both, because I have learned the art of one sided closure to unsaid goodbye's and move on, and also because a lot of people have come back to offer their pending good byes wrapped in apologies.
But now, I have to help others suffering with such 'unfinished business' to give a closure. So it still remains important.

A lot of people keep missing their 'not so loving, loved ones' ...

 ... though some relationships make us less complete, more wounded, than we were in the first place... they change us forever, in not very nice ways ... for 'hurt people, hurt people! :(


And many people find their ultimate source of strength to bounce back in a deep subjective spirituality... even after personal struggles with their own image of God, s/he/it is the one presence supporting all, at all times.

(For some more background, check out this article)

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